All You Need To Know When Travelling To Asia

The Asian part of the world is much different in many ways when compared with the European or even American sides. There is so much culture, such different views and everything in general is just friendlier. So, you’ve got to expect some extra attention for yourself especially if you are a foreigner from faraway. Here are some tips to keep in mind when visiting this part of Asia to make sure you have less of a shock with the way things are done! 

Extremely friendly  

You might have heard that unlike the other parts of the world, when it comes to Asia the people are just extremely friendly. While sometimes in certain other parts of the world you may have to brace yourself beforehand for a cold treatment but in Asia it is the complete opposite. Most of the times, if you are a foreigner that looks particularly different, rather than being treated weirdly you’ll most likely encounter being treated SPECIAL! So, do expect to be asked to stand in a photo or two in front of hotel luang prabang swimming pool or may be even asked out in the middle of the street by a complete stranger!  
Sketchy road rules 

In most parts of Asia, it is natural that you would see people crossing the streets the way they want, like in a GTA game. It has actually turned in to a skill to see how well you can cross before getting knock down (no wonder there’s a lot of road accidents too)! So, if you want to avoid getting knock down it is up to you to cross fast. This doesn’t mean that there aren’t any crossings, it’s just that people aren’t really strict on following it and so it is not strange to see someone making his way in a traffic filled road like a maze runner! So, if you are staying in one of the luang prabang laos hotels be sure to keep an eye on this practice but don’t take it up upon yourself. Like mentioned previously it is a skill only for the mastered! 

Getting tan isn’t really welcomed 

When you visit certain Asian countries, you might see other foreigners enjoying the sun and catching up on the tanning. And on another side, you would see the locals hiding away in the shade to avoid getting tanned. So, don’t be shocked at the fact that they even carry umbrellas when it is shining bright! Most Asians that are already brown or have no interest of turning brown actually consider sunny days as bad days and that is the complete opposite thought of what most foreigners who love tanning would. 

Be sure to experience the thrilling ride in a tuktuk too to complete this Asian tour. After all, this is something that stands out all too well when you say ‘ASIA’!

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